"I give you this ring as a symbol of my love. May my heart be your shelter and my arms be your home,

wherever our adventures may take us."

-Ring Vow


"There is only one

true happiness in life,

to love and

be loved in return."

- George Sand

French Romantic Writer 

About Me

Carlie Blanchett Burton - NZ Registered Marriage Celebrant


I remember attending my first wedding at 12 years old. I loved the entire day, the rituals, the traditions and emotions. To me, a wedding day symbolises everything I cherish in life, the faith that the bride and groom have in each other, the joy they share in building a life together, the unwavering support of friends and family that grounds them, and the love that radiates through the entire day.


I have been involved in the wedding industry for over six years and have worked with over 300 couples to plan their perfect day. Throughout this time I have witnessed many marriage ceremonies. The ceremony is really the heart of the wedding day. It is when promises are made, rings exchanged, tears and laughter abound, and the Bride and Groom officially become husband and wife.


 With a background in theatre and music and an English degree specialising in creative writing, becoming a celebrant was a natural next step for me. I could see that many of the couples I was working with were frustrated by traditional ceremonies and were looking for an opportunity to create something unique. There was also a desire to be able to create something that resonated spiritually and culturally without being overwhelmed by tradition. 


Becoming a celebrant has definitely lived up to my expectations. I really enjoy getting to know my couples and creating unique special ceremonies that really reflect the Bride and Groom. I love the writing process and go through a ridiculous amount of drafts to get everything perfect. I love seeing the look on the Bride and Groom's face when they read their ceremony for the first time.

My planning experience comes in really handy on the day, and it is great to be able to calm nerves and help the Bride and Groom to make the most of one of the most important days of their lives. 


Auckland Wedding Celebrant
Auckland Wedding Celebrant

"May every sunrise hold more promise, and every sunset hold more peace."

-Celtic Blessing