Bringing happy tears, laughter and fun to your Wedding Day

Carlie made the ceremony so much more special to us than we would have imagined - she didn't just do the legal honours, she made it about us, she led, but didn't steal the limelight. We truly loved it. 


- Alan and Renee

Wedding Celebrant

Hi I am Carlie, I am a registered NZ Wedding Celebrant based in Auckland. I specialise in creating relaxed, fun ceremonies that hit all the right notes. This means handcrafting each ceremony to be a unique and special reflection of the Bride and Groom.


Many couples feel pressurised to have a traditional ceremony. They are  unsure of the rules. The good news is there aren't actually that many! I totally love seeing a couple come to life as they realise we can create a unique ceremony that totally  reflects who they are and fits in with the rest of their day.



Wedding ceremonies are such a melting pot of ideas and feelings, love, laughter, vulnerability, family tradition, culture, inside jokes and heartfelt vows. I love writing a ceremony that brings all of these elements together in perfect harmony. 

            The first step in planning a unique ceremony is getting to know the Bride and Groom over a coffee or tea. This gives me an idea of who you are and what this day means to you. I custom write each wedding ceremony and then discuss this with you to get your feedback. I then work on amendments until we are all 100% happy with the ceremony.     

On the day of the wedding, you can be assured I will be there early making sure everything is ready for the ceremony. I would be honoured to stand with you, as we undertake one of the most significant moments of your life. I will be there for you, I will listen to what you want and I won't tell you how things 'have' to be done.


Let's make your wedding day awesome together! 


NZ Wedding Celebrant
Nz Wedding Celebrant

Carlie was the most amazing celebrant for our wedding. She wrote the most beautiful ceremony which absolutely captured who we were and what we wanted. She made the process fun and exciting! She made us feel so comfortable on the day and delivered a beautiful ceremony! We couldn’t have asked for more!


- Georgia and Jordan

Nz Wedding Celebrant
NZ Wedding Celebrant

Carlie made everything so personal with a touch of humour. She was so into it, she even got a little emotional at one point which meant so much to us - she is genuinely the most gorgeous lady, she is the perfect person to make your day all about you.


- Juciele and Rudo