Having worked on over 300 hundred weddings i can tell you that most wedding day blips can be easily prevented, here are 7 of my top tips for making sure your wedding day runs smoothly.

  1. Have a fall girl (or guy). Choose a friend or family member or hire someone to cover the big day. Make sure they have all your suppliers names, contact numbers, and payments made so they can sort any issues without worrying you.

  2. Research your day. Check the tide, sunset time, and usual weather and check for big events that may book out suppliers and accommodation.

  3. Book it in. Google calendar is your friend, book your appointments with alerts so you know you won’t forget the dress fitting or cake tasting.

  4. Double check your bookings. Don’t leave anything to chance, re-check delivery times, addresses, and order details with all suppliers two weeks out from the wedding.

  5. Shop local. That way help will be close at hand if you need it and delicate items like flowers and cakes will look fresh.

  6. Meet your photographer, celebrant and venue liaison in person. It is so important to have key people who can put you at ease on the day.

  7. Relax and enjoy your day. Everyone is there with love and support for you both. It’s Murphy’s law that something will go wrong, don’t let it get to you, and you will have the best day of your life.

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