Most brides put a lot of effort into how they are going to look on their wedding day. With all your nearest and dearest attending and with a photographer hired, looking your best is very important. There are many elements in putting together your bridal look. Once you've chosen your dress and shoes, had your hair and makeup trial and chosen your wedding day jewelry you will have a fairly good idea of how your whole look is going to come together.

After years of being a wedding planner I am always amazed to see how my brides transform on their wedding day. It isn't the shoes or the dress, or the hair and makeup that cause this complete transformation but another more intangible quality - Joy. The joy that is within reflects out adding an extra sparkle to the eyes and a special radiance to the brides countenance. It is a kind of radiance that makes you look twice and has nothing to do with your size or your complexion. Joy makes the most beautiful bride. That is a guarantee.

One of the biggest privileges in being a celebrant is being part of the happiest day in someones life. The emotion on the day is like nothing else. So whatever happens, make sure you enjoy every second of your day. Let the joy of the day overwhelm you, you won't regret it.

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